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exhaustedtoextraordinary's podcast

Sep 30, 2021

Why you've got to check out today's episode:

As an entrepreneur, have you become a victim of your success? Do you fear stepping away from your business because it might fall apart?

If you’re overwhelmed no matter how successful you are in your business, you need to make yourself replaceable.



As a business owner, you care so much about your company that you sacrifice your health in the process. But the truth is there is a better and easier way to operate which would give you more freedom.

In this week’s episode, Ari Meisel shares how to fireproof your business.

Ari Meisel used to work 18-hour days, until he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and had a car accident.  That’s when he started asking, “Why has it always been done that way? What is the better option?” Since that time, he’s redesigned how he approaches everything. Now he spends less than 20 minutes a day on his business and helps thousands of entrepreneurs become more productive and conquer their feelings of overwhelm by creating systems and processes to free up their time too.