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exhaustedtoextraordinary's podcast

Sep 9, 2021

Why you've got to check out today's episode:

Ladies - if you’re unhappy in your romantic relationship, you are at risk for developing depression. This is why I interviewed the Baroness Angelika Christie to share with you how you can revive your relationship and step out of that downward spiral that might be hijacking your mind and heart.



Do you feel misunderstood and under-appreciated in your relationship? 

Are you confused about whether to stay or leave?

Do you blame yourself for your relationship’s failure?

If that’s you then check out this week’s episode featuring the Baroness Angelika Christie who mentors women who want to upgrade their social standing to elevate their self-image and find a new fulfilling relationship.

Angelika’s work can help you skillfully represent yourself with total confidence. She has decades of personal experience in skillfully navigating her relationships through divorcing and remarrying twice. She knows what it takes to attract exactly what a woman wants in her partner as well as how to leave a relationship that is not in alignment with her anymore, and do so without regret or painful memories.